Yacon Carve Up

Last year I had two Yacon plants which produced some storage roots and a couple of large crowns covered in purple bumpy bits. These crowns have been stored in my garage over winter in breathable puts of damp compost. They’re now starting to show signs of sprouting with the purple lumpy bits producing whitish eyes.

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Rediscovered a Forgotten Crop

Whilst weeding one of the beds I came across my little skitter plants. These had been sown as seed last year and spent most the year remaining tiny and trying to flower before dying back in Autumn. Because of this I held out little hope of them surviving and basically forgot about them.

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March Restart

Both myself and the plot have been dormant over the winter period. What with the short cold days, staff sicknesses and everyone taking what annual leave they have left before loosing it on 1st April most of my time has been spent working and sleeping.

When not at work or asleep I had to fit the rest of my life into the cold wet days I had off – plot visits were limited to harvesting Kale and Leeks.

But roll on march the Use them or Loose them holiday rush is calming down, Winter blues and colds are lessening and the weather isn’t trying to drown me I’m not able to get down to the plot more and get on with the jobs


Plodding on my plot