Today on the plot

My squashed are on the turn.

Today I gave several plants a hair-cut today trimming off the old and dying leaves.  The courgettes are slowing down – there doesn’t look to be too many female flowers formed on them now, mostly male.  Come Saturday it will be two months of courgette harvests.

The small sugar, kabochi and other winter squashes are dying back.   The pumpkins seem to have stopped growing and are hardening their skins.

Soon I’ll be able to walk back into the house without trying to sneak another courgette into the fridge.

My bean frame’s collapsed again.  Its made using those plastic coated steel tubes however the plastic connectors used to join lengths togethrt split several weeks ago under strong winds.  I’ve attempted to prop them up and jerry rig repairs but now I’m just leaving them.  I’ll sort it out once the beans have dried.

My allium collection cotinues as I  planted out some alliums – Allium Moly (Golden Garlic), Allium Neapolitanum (Daffodil Garlic) and Allium sphaerocephalon (Round Headed Leek).  My Allium Polyanthum (Many-Flowered Garlic) has sprouted.

Checked the elephant garlic I saved last month – although it still has some flowers it does has some grass forming so this may be another way to propagate elephant garlic (in addition to cloves & bulbils)   – The spontaneous bulbils I got earlier in the year are growing still. Next season they should form a round then a bulb the following year.  Although slower than planting cloves it may be more reliable than planting corms and can increase the number you can propagate each year.

Chopped down the comfrey again.  I think this may be the fifth time so it’s done well. I shred it then pack the bits into airtight buckets with taps to produce a rich, dark, aromatic concentrated plant feed.   The last lot should make enough concentrate to see the toms through.

Picked the cucamelons. which are going to be pickled.  It wasn’t till I was in the car that I realised I needed some vine leaves to put in the pickles so I had to run back to the plot to get them.  Popped to the supermarket to get some vinegar, came out with a Goji Berry plant.


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