Beans For Breakfast

I don’t eat many green beans.  Not in proportion to the amount that I grow.

Most of my beans are dried and I grow quite a few every year to last me through a years worth of soups, stews, baked beans and bacon and bean salads.  I’ve tried “A” frames, wigwams and “V” frames.  This year I’m trying something different.

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Yacon Carve Up

Last year I had two Yacon plants which produced some storage roots and a couple of large crowns covered in purple bumpy bits. These crowns have been stored in my garage over winter in breathable puts of damp compost. They’re now starting to show signs of sprouting with the purple lumpy bits producing whitish eyes.

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Rediscovered a Forgotten Crop

Whilst weeding one of the beds I came across my little skitter plants. These had been sown as seed last year and spent most the year remaining tiny and trying to flower before dying back in Autumn. Because of this I held out little hope of them surviving and basically forgot about them.

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All year Alliums Challenge 2016/17

I like alliums, chopped in a corned beef sandwich, baked whole, used to flavour stews, etc. and I tend to grow quite a few each year.  Since getting the New Territories I’ve been thinking about having a perennial bed or two and have been looking at perennial alliums Continue reading “All year Alliums Challenge 2016/17”


Many-Flowered Garlic – A Potential Perennial Leek

Lately I’ve been looking at a number of different edible perennial alliums and I’ve came across one which has piqued my interest. Continue reading “Many-Flowered Garlic – A Potential Perennial Leek”