What do you get if you take Jerusalem Artichokes and A Bath?

No the answer isn’t a jacuzzi.

When I took on the New Territories it came with a bath. I had numerous ideas about what to do with it and decided that with its thick and solid walls it’ll be a great planter.

In the path there was a bath

As I don’t wet want to introduce Jerusalem Artichokes directly into the soil I reckoned this would be the best planter to resist their roots and grow them in.

The base had the plug hole but that won’t be enough to provide adequate drainage so I drilled 30+ half inch holes the length and breadth of the base. The bath is sloped a bit to direct water down to the plug.

30+ drainage holes added

Filling it up with soil (to weigh the whole thing down and add stability) and manure mix I’ve brought it to 8 inches of the rim and popped 10 tubers into the bath. Once they’ve grown enough I’ll earth up the stems so the soil is 2” from the top to help support them.

Jerusalem Artichokes before burying

I also popped a few more into 2 x 30 litre buckets – 3 tubers between them.


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