Pumpkin Competition

Each year my allotment site has a heaviest pumpkin competition.  It’s only £2 to enter and is is a friendly bit of competition amongst the plot holders.  Some plants fail, some pumpkins don’t grow and some people withdraw out of embarrassment.

Last year I came fourth with a 13kg pumpkin- I was chuffed even though there were only 5 pumpkins at the end.  I was determined to grow one this year heavier than last year.

Last Saturday, a couple of days before Halloween we had the weigh in.  8 plot holders made it to the final hurdle -and with all the competitors wheeling their pumpkins up the site to the front gates there was a wheelbarrow convoy going on.

I took my luggage scales and a blue Ikea bag down as these would be easier than balancing them on the bathroom scales used last year.

Everyone was standing watching the weigh in – both plot holders and their families. Somehow I ended up having to lift and weigh them all.  THis year with more entries the top four were up for a prize.

I came in fourth which means that I got my entry fee back. I’ve just finished the last bag of pumpkin puree from last year so I should now have enough to last till next Halloween.


The weights of the entries were

1st ……..23.95Kilo
2nd…….19.74 Kilo
3rd……..18.51 Kilo
4th……..17.05 Kilo
5th……. 14.75 Kilo
6th……..13.31 Kilo
7th……..13.03 Kilo
8th……..12.54 Kilo

So I beat my weight for last year AND ended up with a place on the table- Well Chuffed.

The difference between fourth and fifth place




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