About Me

I’m Jason.  This is about my Jungle.

I have an allotment plot in Newcastle and I’ve decided to document and record what I do, what I grow and how the plot develops over time to remind myself how I’ve done things and to share this with others.

I’ve had two allotments before this.  The first was a half plot in East London where, after five years on the waiting list, I spent a few months digging out carpets and shopping trolleys before having to suddenly relocate back up the North East.

My second plot was a private let at the back of a church – large stones and i wasn’t allowed to dig too deep but I had that for about 18 months before I got my new plot and grew spuds, squash, bean, tomatoes and loads of other stuff – improving the soil alot on the way.  But it was surrounded on all 4 sides by buildings, hedges and trees; subject to break ins and isolated so I was happy to get a plot on an allotment site.

That plot is what this is about.


Plodding on my plot