Allium Wishlist

OK, so maybe I should draw the line at over 40 types of Alliums, but there’s still some that interest me – so I may be able to squeeze in one or two more and possibly drop some of the annuals if the perennials perform well.

  1. Shallots – as a replant this means no seed sowing in January – red and yellow forms available.  I generally haven’t kept and replanted as on the Jungle plot there’s white rot.
  2. Potato Onions – not sure how these differ from shallots but would probably try them.  Of course they’re available in Red, White and Yellow so this may become three options.
  3. Walking Onions – the variety I have produces small pea size top sets so I’d want one or two Big Top Setted varieties
  4. Wild Leek – the parent variety to Babingtons Leek, Elephant Garlic and cultivated leeks.
  5. Canadian Garlic
  6. Twisted Garlic – anything twisted suits my garden 😉
  7. Chinese Chives (Allium ramosum) – I often see Chinese chives and garlic chives marketed as the same thing, not sure of the difference yet so I may have to get one of each, where I’m sure of the varieties, to compare.
  8. Rosey Garlic (Allium roseum) – the smell is supposed to drive squirrels away – wonder if it will drive away nosey neighbours?
  9. Crow Garlic  (Allium vineale) -looking a bit like it produces garlic flavoured bulbils/grass
  10. Sand leek (Rocambole) (Allium scorodoprasum)
  11. Cha Cha Chives (Allium schoenoprasum ‘Cha Cha’)

So there’s a few more to come – especially when you add in the colour/size variations I may have to find space for another dozen or so.


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