Clear up started bagging and removing the junk lying around the plot. I also started work on getting it built back up.

I put the fence back up and gave it a nice blue coat of paint.

fence 2

Fence 3

After that I started constructing new beds

beds 2

beds 3

beds 4

I used the see through shack at the back for some tomatoes but I also added a blowaway for some cucumbers and melons

blowaway 3 blowaway 2 blowaway 1blowaway 4

With the fence up I popped in an arched covered gate and planted thornless blackberries to grow up over it.

arch 1arch 3 arch 4

The path through the gate is crazy paving and was planted with aromatic herbs (creeping thyme, penny royal and chamomile)

arch 2

All in all I’m happy the way the first year went – the plot is taking shape, the rubbish cleared out, the structure going in and I got some nice veg out of the plot.


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